How to Recover PIN (Security Code) of (HSC) XI Class Admission 2020

Recover PIN of XIClassAdmission 2020: Do you want to Recover your HSC Admission PIN? If your answer is yes. Then you have reached the right website to recover Xi class Admission PIN. In this official site, you can Recover College Admission PIN with HSC Admission Pin Recover full and complete guidelines.

Have you lost or Destroy your HSC Admission PIN? If it is Yes. Then nothing to worry about it. Because it happens to someone. Now, You can recover College Admission PIn 2020 in official website. Below HSC Admission Pin Recover process is included completely.

So follow the Xi class Admission Pin Recover process carefully and Recover your college admission PIN.

change pin in Online XI Class Admission

change pin in Online XI Class Admission

Why you need to change the PIN (Security Code) of XI Class Admission 2020

Sometimes many students have lost or destroyed his/her phone, Sim Card. That’s why they have lost his/her Admission PIN. After that, they felt very very guilty and getting very worried about this PIN. If you are in the same problem. Then Don’t worry about this HSC Admission PIN. Because you can Recover HSC Admission PIN.

May you think Why Need to Recover HSC Admission PIN? It is a good question. Then you may know the application for HSC Admission is the first step for your Xi class Admission 2020. You have to Face many steps to complete your College Admission 2020. Like HSC Admission Result, Hsc College Admission, Pay the HSC Admission On your College Yet. After complete these all steps, you can get the HSC admission on your favorite College.

When you go to Check your Xi class Admission 2020. There you have to give your HSC Admission PIN. So the HSC Admission Security Code is very Important for You. If you lost your HSC admission Pin ( Security Code). Then you have face big trouble to get Xi class Admission result. That’s why you need to Change your Change or Recover college Admission PIN.

How to Recover PIN of XIClassAdmission

How to Recover PIN of XIClassAdmission

How to Recover PIN of XiClassAdmission 2020

Now you are in the main topic for you. Which is very essential for you. Here You can see an easy and best way to HSC PIN (Security Code) Recover process. Below Full and final HSC Admission PIN recover Process is included Step by Step. So follow these steps and recover your Xi Class Admission PIN.

  • At first, Go to the official website from here.
  • Here, you can show a form with a Blank document.  You have to fill up this page with your personal information.
  • Now Input your SSC Roll No in the desired Box.
  • Then type your SSC Registration No in the Box.
  • After that Select your SSC Board from Education Boards option.
  • Now, Select your SSC passing Year. It will be for you 2020. So Select it.
  • Then you can see a blank box to type your Mother’s Name. So type your Mother Name.
  • After that Input your Transaction ID. Which you get when Payment. Type this ID on this box.
  • Now, Enter your Contact Number. Which Contact Number is Given on the previous time to apply HSC Admission Application.
  • At last, you have to complete a captcha code. Which proves you that, you are not a robot. So complete this Captcha Code carefully.

Good Job! You have successfully done all of this work for recover HSC Admission PIN ( Security Code ). Now, You have to wait a few times to get a Security Code on your Phone.

Now save the Security Code carefully. Because you can’t  Recover HSC Admission PIN

So keep this Code Carefully.

Best way to HSC Admission Pin Recover 2020 (Step by Step)

I already discuss the way how you get back PIN number. See the previous session where I told the process step by step in the best way. Recover PIN of XIClassAdmission and HSC admission Pin recovery two are the same so follow the previous one.

Final thoughts

In this short post, I have to try to Discuss Recover HSC Admission PIN 2020. I have Picked up the Best and Short way to recover college Admission PIN which is called the Security Code.

I hope this post will help you to recover your Recover PIN of XIClassAdmission. I think you can recover PIN by following this Guideline above. In case you have face any kind of error or trouble to recover your admission PIN. Then ask me in the comment section or Contact Us. By the way, Best wishes for your Xi Class Admission.

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