XI College EIIN Number & Code 2020: All Education Board

XI College EIIN Number & Code 2020: When starting the HSC admission online process, every admission candidate wants to know which is the best college in their area. If you are the person who wants to know about it, you landed the right place.

In this post I will give out all education board college lists with EIIN number which will helpful for you before apply for the Xi class Admission online. You will need the EIIN number to apply in www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

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Why Need XI College Admission EIIN Number 2020?

When you want to apply for the HSC admission in 2020 you should know which are the best college on your education board or district. With EIIN number, you can find the college subject list, admission requirements, location and more information. So that you should know the EIIN number before applying to the application online.

XI College EIIN Number

XI College EIIN Number & Code 2020: All Education Board

XI College EIIN Number 2020

Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN) is most important to know to apply for any admission. Every Institute has an EIIN number which gives the government to identify. When you will apply for the HSC College Admission then you will need the EIIN Number which college you choose. For that I give here the All Education Board of Bangladesh College EIIN number.

See below and go to your board section and open the given link to find out all college name and Subject list with the requirement.

Dhaka Board All Colleges EIIN Numbers for XiClassAdmission

If you living in Dhaka City or around Dhaka and want to admit a collage which under the Dhaka Education board then you need to know the EIIN number which collage you want to admit for apply HSC Collage Admission.

Here is some top listed college name and EIIN number and the given below for more collage name, subject list and Admission requirement for their college.

  • Dhaka College EIIN No.: 107977
  • City College – EIIN No: 107975
  • Ideal School And College, Motijheel – EIIN No: 10827
  • Holy Cross College – EIIN No: 131962
  • Notre Dame College – EIIN No: 108274
  • Rajuk Uttara Model College – EIIN No: 108573

Apart from the above codes, visit the link below to get the EIIN codes of the rest of the colleges of Dhaka Board.

All Colleges EIIN Numbers of Chittagong Education Board for HSC Admission

In Bangladesh Chittagong Education Board the second importance board. After SSC Exam Result if you want to admission a collage around chattogram Board then you need to know the college EIIN number for the college.

I give here some college name and their EIIN number to help you. But  I know it’s not enough to admission. So I give the all college Name, Subject Requirements and EIIN number list the bottom link.

  • Hathazari College – EIIN No: 104464
  • Ispahani Public School & College – EIIN No: 104711
  • Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College – EIIN No: 104527
  • City College, Chittagong – EIIN No: 104301

To get the EIIN codes of all colleges of the Chittagong Board, please visit the link below.

Comilla Board EIIN Codes of All Colleges for College Admit

In this section I will give you the Comilla Board college EIIN number or codes for apply HSC College Admission. In the given list you will find the all college name, major name, major requirements, location and more.

So open the link below then see the all collage list before apply for the Xi Class Admission 2020.

  • Comilla Govt. Women’s College – EIIN No: 105821
  • Comilla Govt. College – EIIN No: 105824
  • Comilla Victora Govt. College – EIIN No: 105822
  • Ibne Taimia High School & College – EIIN No: 105751

To get the codes of all the colleges of the Comilla Board together, visit the below link

EIIN Codes of All Colleges of Rajshahi Edu Board to Apply HSC Collage Admission

Rajshahi Education Board is the on of the oldest board in Bangladesh. Under this board, there are some top class colleges for Admit HSC. For that many students want to admit that college after passed SSC. To apply for HSC College admission you need the college EIIN Number which given the below link text.

  • Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College – EIIN No: 126487
  • Rajshahi University College – EIIN No: 126773
  • Rajshahi College – EIIN No: 126490

In addition to these, please visit the link here to get the EIIN codes of all the colleges of Rajshahi Board.

Dinajpur Board EIIN Codes of All Colleges for Collage Admission

Before some years ago Rangpur, Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat and more district all college has under Rajshahi education board. For more facilities, Bangladesh Education Department makes this board to help us. Most of the college under this board in the Rangpur district. Here some top collage of Dinajpur Board and you will get more college name and EIIN numbers form the given link.

  • Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur – EIIN No: 127485
  • Kurigram Government College – EIIN No: 122331
  • Cantonment Public School and College, Rangpur – EIIN No: 127500

Please visit the following link to get the EIIN codes of all colleges of the Dinajpur Board.

All Colleges EIIN Number of Jessore Board

Every year there are many students doing good results from the Jessore Education board. And after passed they finding the good collage to admission for HSC. Times of applying everybody needs to know the good college name and EIIn number for apply application. Here I give out some top class HSC college and below the link, you will get all the college names, subject lists, and application requirements.

  • Jhenaidah College – EIIN No: 116551
  • A.F. Shaheen College, Jessore – EIIN No: 116115
  • Rouf College – EIIN No: 116556

To get EIIN codes of all other colleges & subjects and requirements to get the subject, please visit the given link.

Barisal Board All College EIIN Number for Apply HSC Collage

In Barisal Education Board there has some good college for apply HSC Admission. To apply online application you need the college EIIN number which college you choose.

  • Barisal Govt. College – EIIN No: 100867
  • Patuakhaki Government College – EIIN No: 102596

For the list of other colleges, please visit the link below.

Sylhet Board EIIN Codes of All Colleges for HSC Admission

To get all the college names and subject list with application requirement this area for you. Here you will get the Sylhet education board all college EIIN number for the online application to HSC.

  • Sylhet M.C College – EIIN No: 130457
  • Sylhet Govt. College – EIIN No: 130450

Please click on this link to get the full list of the codes of all colleges under the Sylhet Board.

Mymensingh Board EIIN Codes of All Colleges

Mymensingh Education Board is the last education board nowadays. Under this board, you will find some quality Collage for Admission College. See below some top ranked college and EIIN number and will get more in the below link.

  • Alhaz Gazi Amanuzzaman Modern College – EIIN: 138098
  • Chandrabaz Rashida Begum School And College – EIIN: 109693
  • Farajipara Model College – EIIN: 137089
  • Govt. Bakshiganj Kiamat Ullah College – EIIN: 109725

To get all other college EIIN numbers and collage list visit the given link below.

Madrasa Board  EIIN Code for All Madrasas for Alim Admission

In Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board is the only one Islamic education maintenance department. Many students want to apply for Alim Admission that why they need to know all the Islamic Collage names and EIIN numbers before applying for the application. To get more college names & EIIN codes the below link.

  • Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasha – EIIN No: 108478
  • Madrasha E Alia Dhaka – EIIN No: 108151
  • Darunnazat Siddikia Kamil Madrasah – EIIN No: 107906

Please visit the link here to get the codes of the rest of the Madrasas.


In this post I gave some information about College EIIN number to apply for HSC admission online. If you apply for the Xi Class Admission yourself then you need to know this otherwise you don’t need it if you apply via any person.

Also, when you process for the application that times you need to select your district, then you will see all college of your district and can select collage name easily.

To know more information about HSC admission 2020 please comment on the below section with your question. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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