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Apply Online XI Class Admission for all education board of Bangladesh. Here you can Apply for XI Class Admission 2020. That’s named Apply for HSC college admission 2020. has already published all terms and regulations for all of the applicants or thus people who want to get admission for Xi class.

If you are a College Admission applicants. Then you are welcome here to apply for XI Class Admission 2020. After Publishing the Xi class Admission notice by the Ministry of Bangladesh Education Boards all students are looking for the Xi class admission application system. Especially they are finding the Rules and terms of this HSC Admission Apply system, Xi Class Admission apply online methods, HSC Admission Application, and Official website to Apply for Xi class Admission online.

Apply Online XI Class Admission

Apply Online XI Class Admission 2020 –

But You have successfully landed the right platform to Apply Online Xi class Admission 2020-2021. Before Apply Online XI Class Admission 2020 you should read the rules and direction about the XI Class Admission result. These are included below. All directions and terms are published by Bangladesh Education boards official website You have to follow these terms and condition carefully Neither you will face in big trouble with you HSC Admission Result. So follow these instructions and complete your Apply Online XI Class Admission successfully.

How to Apply Online XI Class Admission 2019-20

XI Class Admission 2020 Online Apply system is the major problem for all HSC Admission Applicants. This is really a matter of problem cause the Ministry of Bangladesh Education Boards always updates the terms and conditions to apply Online for HSC Admission on xiclassadmission bd. That’s Why We Provide the Apply Online HSC Admission 2020 easily for the HSC Applicants.

Below we pick up the main Instruction to apply for the Apply Online XI Class Admission 2020. You can follow this Instruction and apply xi class Admission 2020 very easily.

Version Code

There are many HSC College in Bangladesh where has two versions is available for the Xi class students. These are Bangla Version and English Version. You can choose anyone from these. If you want to choose any one of these, you have to select this Version from this table. So Be careful to complete the XI Class Admission Online Application Version selection.

If you want to get admission to the English version then select the English version. Otherwise, select the Bangla version.

In many HSc college have only Bangla Version. there is no problem to apply.

Shift Code

In the Ministry of Bangladesh Education Boards, many colleges take one shift class students. There is no problem to apply for this college Admission online in 2020. You should select the Shift from this application on Day Or morning. Most of this College Admission application has the auto select this shift.

In the Bangladesh HSC college, there are many XI Class colleges where has two shift class system. These are morning Shift and Evening shift or Day Shift and Night Shift. The Morning and evening shift is more available than the Morning and night Shift colleges. You have to take care to select the shift.

If you want to choose the Morning Shift Then select Morning or If you want to choose the evening shift then select the Evening.

So be careful. Otherwise, you have to face a big problem with Xi Class Admission at your favorite college.


There are three sectors group of our Bangladeshi college. These are Science, Humanities and business. But in the Admission Form, you can not write this version full name. You have to write the version code shortly. Many students feel confused about this issue. That is very simple to remind. Keep These on your mind when you apply for HSC College Admission result online.

You have to write

  • Sc for Science,
  • Hu for Humanities and
  • Bs for Business.

How to Payment Xi Class Admission free

There are three methods to pay the Xi Class Admission fee. In 2020 the Education Ministry of Bangladesh has included two new payment facilities in the Apply Online XI Class Admission system. They have included [email protected] and SureCash Payment Method Which are the big facilities for the Applicants. Now you can Pay the Xi Class admission fee by TeleTalk, [email protected] and SureCash also.

When you Apply Online XI Class Admission 2020 and complete all information about you. Then you have to choose the Payment Method which you prefer to payment the XI class Admission fee.

There are 3 Methods to Payment the HSC college Admission fee.

These are:

  1. Payment By TeleTalk
  2. Payment By [email protected]
  3. Payment By Surecash

Payment Xi Class Admission free by TeleTalk

Payment HSC Admission fee by TeleTalk is the easiest way from all methods to payment XI Class Admission fee. By using this method you can pay your college Admission fee very easily. So follow the Instruction below and pay the XI Class Admission fee simply.

  • Go to your Phone message option.

EXample: CAD WEB DHA 123456 2020

  • At last, Send it on 16222

Now they will send a Code on your Phone. You have to send another SMS to 16222.

  • You have to type CAD<>YES<>CODE<>Contact Number

Example: CAD YES 12345 017********

  • A few moments later, they will send you a confirmation message.

Then your Payment XI class Admission fee will be completed.

Payment Xi Class Admission free by [email protected]

After completing the information of Apply Online XI Class Admission 2020. Then select Payment XI class Admission fee by [email protected] Now follow the Instructions and Pay the College Admission fee easily.

  • Now go to your [email protected] Pay Bill option.
  • Here you can see Payment Xi Class Admission Fee, Now select this option.
  • Now you have to give the Payment code and Contact No. Here type your Payment code.

Your Payment code system is: Board Name><Passing Year><Your Board Roll

Example: DHA2020123456

  • Here you can see your details. Now tap on Next Button.
  • Now give your [email protected] PIN. After that tap the confirm button and confirm the Transaction.

Congrats! You have successfully completed the Payment XI class Admission fee.

Keep Remind: you have to Pay this HSC Admission fee via your [email protected] App.

Check it: Xi Class Migration Result Here↵↵

Payment Xi Class Admission free By Surecash

Another easy and shortcut way to Payment HSC college Admission fee by Surecash. It is a very easy and simple way to pay the Apply Online XI Class Admission fee. If you want to Pay HSC College Admission fee. Then follow these steps carefully.

  • At first, go to your Surecash App and open it.
  • Here Select the Payment option.
  • Now you have to give a Keyword. Now type here CAD.
  • After then, It wants your Payment Code. That’s: Your Board<>PassingYear<>Roll

Example: DHA2020123456

  • Here it wants your Contact Number. So type your Phone Number.
  • Now give your PIN  to confirm the Transaction.

Good Job! you have successfully done it.


In this article I give all the steps to apply for the Xi Class Admission Circular process 2020-21. If you have any questions about it please notify in the comment section.

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